Google Ads Training Program


Google Ads Account Hierarchy

Google has structured google ads in 4 levels as below.

Google Ads Structure

Level – 1

Google Ads Account

The first level of structure is your Google Ads Account which we create in Google Ads using our Gmail Account. It’s not possible to use Google Ads Without Google Ads Account. All the campaigns & ads will be created in your Google Ads Account and also Google Ads Account records your campaigns and Ads performance and gives you a very useful recommendation over time which can help you optimize your campaign at best & also Automatic Biddings works best in old Google Ads Account because of performance record of that account.

Level – 2


The second level of structure is campaigns, As you can see in the above chart you can create multiple different types Ads Campaigns in one Google Ads Account, like search campaigns, video ads campaigns, display ads campaigns, shopping ads campaigns & app ads campaigns.

Level – 3

Ad Groups

The third level of structure is Ad Groups, As you can see in the above chart that you can create multiple Ad Groups in one Campaign. Ad Group contains different – different assets as per Campaigns types as below

Search campaign’s Ad Group contains Targeted Keywords, Ads Creation & Landing Pages.

Display Ads Campaign’s Ad Group contains Ads creation, Targeted Audience, Targeted content & Landing pages.

Level – 4

Ads Creative (Ads)

4th and last level of structure is Ads. We can create multiple Ads in one Ad Group. Different types of Ad Campaigns will have different types of Ads like Search Campaigns will have Text Ads, Display Campaigns will have Banner Ads & Video Campaigns will have Video Ads.

Every Ads contains Ad Assets like headings, descriptions, final URL & display path.

Google recommends that you at least create 3 or more ads in one ad group for better performance of your ad group and campaign because Google Ads will have more options in choosing best ads from your ad group which will result in best ad rotation optimization.