Google Ads Training Program


Google Search And Display Network



Google Ads Is divided into two networks, The Search Network & The Display Network



Google Search Network



Google Search Network is group of search related websites and apps where text ads appears


Google Search Network consist of …..



Google Search



First, Google Search itself is part of Google Search Network.


Google Search is most popular search engine.


Google Search enjoys 92% share in search engine market.



Google Search Partner Websites and Apps



Search partner websites/apps include websites/apps which have installed custom Google Search Bar on their website/apps using Google Programmable Search Engine.



Google Custom Search Bar



Search partners extend the reach of Google Search ads to hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as YouTube and other Google sites.


On search partners sites, your ads can appear on search results pages, on-site directory pages, or on other pages related to a person’s search.


Google search network is used for showing text ads created in google ads. Search Ads target users who type something on Google Search or Google Search Partner website. Below is the example of search ads, as you can see how Google Search is showing ads of hosting when user searched for hosting in the search bar.



Google Search Network Ads Related To Typed Query,



Google Display Networks



Display Network consist of Youtube, Gmail & millions of Google Partner websites which have installed Google AdSense for displaying ads.



Google Display Network Ads



Display Network can reach almost 90% user on internet and show them Display ads when they are browsing for their favorite website or searching for product to buy.


Google Display Network works same way as offline banner ads. only difference is you see offline banner ads on side of an highway and Display Network ads on website when you are surfing internet.


But Google Display is way more powerful than offline banner ads. Because you don’t have any control on offline banner ads that who can see your ads and you spent so much money on that offline banner ads and it don’t guarantee you related audience.


In the other hand, you have way more control on Google Display Network Ads because you can decide which kind audience to show your ads and Google Ads highly advance Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm will make sure that your ads should only be shown to the audience you opt for and another benefit is you are spending less money than offline banner ads and showing your ads to the only related audience.